Welcome to Horrifying History where you are about to hear about the unexplained, paranormal, and supernatural happenings that has stained the pages of history.


When it comes to the world of the paranormal, there are two people who stand out - Ed and Lorraine Warren.  Ed was a self taught demonologist who met a lovely young psychic named Lorraine.  Together, they became two of the most well known paranormal investigators in world, and became permanently embedded into the horror genre.  

Welcome to Episode 25…Ed and Lorraine Warren, Paranormal Investigators and Cultural Phenomena.


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The Black Prince.  It sounds like a terrifying vampire, or perhaps a demon.  It is actually a gem, but some do believe that the Black Prince Ruby is evil and full of lies…


Welcome to Bonus Episode 4…The Black Prince.

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June 10, 2020

Episode 24 - Ghost Ships

Do you believe in ghosts?  Many people have claimed to have seen ghosts, but this doesn’t necessarily mean a floating spirit in a in a white bed sheet.  People around the world have claimed to see what is called Ghost Ships that are lost vessels that haunt our waters, and they are deeply engrained in sailor lore.  While many stories of ghosts ships are exactly that…stories; there have also been many occurrences where real ghost ships have emerged from our seas.

Welcome to Episode 24…Ghost Ships.

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In the 1980’s and 1990’s, satanic ritual abuse allegations started popping in the United States and soon travelled to other parts of the world.  This moral panic was named Satanic Panic, and was filled of reports of physical and sexual abuse of people in rituals of devil worship.  In its most extreme, the allegations involved a conspiracy of a world wide organization that was led by the wealthy and powerful, and children who were abducted or bred for human sacrifice, pornography, and prostitution.  

It didn’t matter if there was proof…it didn’t matter if you were innocent.  Just like the Salem Witch Trials, if you were accused…you were guilty.  To this day people are still in jail concerning these allegations, and experts say that the accusations are not over. 

I do want to give you all a warning.  Today’s episode will be discussing allegations of child abuse.  Listener discretion is advised.

Welcome to episode 23…Satanic Panic…


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Vacation...every year everyone can’t wait until they can take a vacation.  It is an opportunity to experience and learn from other cultures while expanding your perspective.  You get to escape your regular life while having an adventure.  But, there are some places that the adventure you may have is one that you may come to regret…

Welcome to Episode 22…Vacation Spots You Really Shouldn’t Visit


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I recently received a question from one of our listeners who listened to Season 1, Episode 3 which is concerning possession.  The listener was wondering what the difference was between channeling a spirit, and spiritual possession.  To some there is a very thin line between the two, and in today’s bonus episode we will look into both of these and then you can decide…is there a difference at all?

Welcome to Bonus Episode 3…Drawing a Line between Possession and Channeling.

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Toys are created to entertain, and for play.  They are supposed to create joy.  Some do not.  These objects have become a favourite storyline for plenty of horror novels and movies.  Is it because of their dead eyed stares, unsettling appearance, or is it more?  

There are many urban legends about toys that are cursed, haunted, or possessed, or even all of the above.  Its these stories that will make you wonder…could it be true?  Are these toys able come alive and hurt me?


Welcome to Episode 21…Cursed Toys.

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A curse is any expressed wish that some form of misfortune will befall on a person, place, or object.  Some believe that curses are created by a supernatural power while some believe that it can be created by magic or witchcraft.  It is also thought that sometimes events occur that stain a person or object, and because of this a curse develops.

Many things are said to be cursed.  There is a bunch of lore that talks about many kinds of things that are said to be cursed, but for me cursed paintings stands out.  I love antiques.  The thought that a piece of art that I bring into my home may cause destruction and pain is not something I usually think about, but when I researched some of the stories that you will hear today - the hair on the back of my neck stood up.

Welcome to Episode 20…Cursed Paintings.

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Hoarding disorder is a persistent difficulty with discarding or parting with possessions due to a perceived need to save them.  People suffering with hoarding disorder experiences distress at the thought of getting rid of items, and because of this, excessive accumulation of items occurs regardless of their financial value.
There is little recorded evidence to prove if hoarding existed prior to the twentieth century.  Historically though, hoarding started as a way to protect valuables from unrest, but it was considered sinful.  At the turn of the century, studies started to occur on this and it was recognized as a mental illness.  Today, help is available for people suffering from this, but historically many people did not get the help they needed which resulted in actions that put them in the history books.
Welcome to Episode 19…Historical Next Level Hoarding.
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People go missing all the time.  All of us have seen terrified families on TV begging for their loved ones to come home, and then many people turn the channel.  For those families, they can’t change the channel.  Children alone account for an estimated 8 million individuals who go missing world wide per year.  This is a massive amount, and an even larger amount of loved ones that may never get an answer on what happened.  Anyone regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, or educational background may become a missing person.  Today we are going to hear a couple of these stories, and hopefully someday their loved ones may get the answers they need.

Welcome to Bonus Episode 2…The Lost Who Stayed Lost Part Two.

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