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June 8, 2021

Episode 60 - Human Chop Shops

I remember one day my mom brought up that she was thinking of donating her body to science when she dies.  She said to me that she wasn’t going to use it anyway, so why not?  Why not help someone?  I told her that I would support whatever she chooses, and ultimately she told me that she decided to be an organ donor and not donate her whole body to science.  People who decide to donate their organs to others are heroes.  People who decide to donate their bodies to science are helping people learn and help with studies that save lives.  


But sometimes when people decide to do this selfless act, it doesn’t work out like they planned.


Now it's time for a bit of heads up, today we will be talking about human remains…listener discretion is advised.


Welcome to Episode 60 - Human Chop Shops


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